Why is aromatherapy important for human well-being?


In our society anxiety and depression are the serious health problems that affect a large part of the population. Aromatherapy teaches us how to use the therapeutic properties of aromatic oils to relax or stimulate the body and spirit, overcome ailments, and improve our well-being by using ancient wisdom alongside with the achievements of modern science. 

The concept of aromatherapy defines it as a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and for the treatment and prevention of physical and mental illnesses. 

A healthy person: harmony with body, mind and soul

In a world abundante of scents although it is impossible to see or touch them one can get a mesmerizing whiff. Even the slightest odour of a particular flower can lift the mood, warm up the feelings and improve the well-being. Microscopic particles of oils are absorbed throughout the skin, respiratory tract and mucous membranes providing a therapeutic effect.

The effectiveness of natural aromatic substances have been described for a very long time and it has been proven that it helps for mindfulness meditation, strengthens the immune system, and helps to fight various diseases in home conditions. 

Benefits of aromatherapy

To different odours people tend to react individually as the fragrant affects our emotions and nervous system. The effects of aromatherapy are most beneficial on a psychological level. 

Our supplied oils have both stimulating and relaxing effects. The aroma procedures reduce stress, lift the mood, improve relationships, and sensuality creating a pleasant atmosphere.

The research suggests 70% of pathological microorganisms living in a medium-sized room air die after 3-4 hours of using an aroma lamp. 

Variety of studies have described aromatherapy’s abilities in fighting a variety of syndromes, diseases and ailments. 

Tips for aromatherapy procedures: 

  • Using our pure absolute oils you can mix with carrier or essential oils for face and body massages. The massage relaxes muscle spasms, relieves neuralgia, and joint pain, gives an antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Add 4-5 drops of absolute to a bath filled with 37-38°C degrees water.
  • Apply a small amount on the forehead and area behind the ears.
  • If you desire an emotional spiritual effect, add 2 drops to the aroma lamp.
  • To treat emotional ailments do breathing steam inhalation procedures by adding 1-2 drops of oil to boiled water. 

In conclusion, aromatherapy is a system of treatment and prevention, that affects not just an individual symptom or disease, but the whole human body and soul. It helps to restore the body’s natural balance, regulate, treat, and maintain health and wellness.