The benefits of rose oil


Natural Earth resources are full of materials needed to create human health, energy, beauty, and peace. To become healthy, beautiful, and vigorous you only need to know how to use those assets. It is believed that attar of roses is the scent of Cleopatra. From time immemorial, this flower has been considered as a symbol and elixir of beauty.

History of rose oil.

Rose flower has always been considered as a symbol of love. The legend says, where the Aphrodite was born, a rose bush had flourished. Since then, this flower has become a powerful force of nature, entirely permeated with love.

The exceptional effects of roses have been known since ancient times. Sweetly pungent flower scent, that evokes the senses, is called no other, but a gift of the Gods to women. Rose oil has always been the most important ingredient in Cleopatra’s perfume, so Roman women had started to use roses for beauty procedures in such large quantities and made this flower particularly expensive. 

Ayurveda as Traditional Indian medicine has described various healing properties of this plant. It might be hard to believe but particularly prepared rose petals can be a great remedy for headaches, mouth and throat pain, digestive disorders, and skin diseases. Researchers have found out that the amount of vitamin C found in one rose hip is equivalent to the amount appeared in sixty oranges. Roses are used not only in perfumery, cosmetics and medicine, but as well in cooking as it’s delicate aroma gives the dishes an exotic taste and smell. 

Various scientific researches confirm the benefits of rose oil.

Rose oil helps to reduce rosacea on the cheeks, tones the skin, increases its elasticity, vitality, and resilience, it also has regenerative properties and slows down the aging process. It is widely used in cosmetic products for firming the wrinkles, skin tightening. It helps to hydrate the flaky skin and nourish eye surrounding area.

As the energy of the Rose oil is extremely high the droplet of this magic aroma instantly raises one up, increases the self-confidence, improves the mood, memory, and balances emotions. Helps for anxiety relief and management, especially after physical and emotional overwhelming, stress or nervous tension, soothes and calms the nervous system, helps with depression, anguish, and anxiety.

Rose scent enhances romantic feelings and lust (libido) and stimulates the sexual functions. Rose is considered more as a female aphrodisiac, that liberates sexuality and sensuality. 

It facilitates breathing, helps to reduce colon and muscle spasms. It also helps to ease convulsions, muscle contraction, arthritis, rheumatism, varicose vein enlargement and pain.

Rose is considered having wound, ulcers, and burns healing properties, helps to get rid of acne and surgical scars, suppresses the allergic symptoms, unclogs the blackheads. Helps to treat herpes, eczema, and psoriasis.


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