According to statistics, one in every five couples have to face some form of infertility issue and in half of the cases it’s the male with the problem. Stress, emotional strain, addiction and a polluted environment can be reflected in reproductive function disorders. Even younger men are facing potency issues. The increasing rate of infertility is astonishing and the pathology of prostates is a prevailing concern, according to doctors. It’s quite a challenge to find a suitable and effective aid in such cases.

We suggest SPEMAN – one of the best natural medicaments that helps to solve concerning issues for men. This medicament might be used as a prior, as well as an auxiliary remedy for urogenital disorders treatment.


SPEMAN is a prostate affecting combined phyto-medicament. It can be used as a remedy for urodynamics. Currently, SPEMAN is known as the best ayurvedic medicament that helps to maintain men’s reproductive health. The medicament consists of herbs and minerals that affect sexual activity regulating nerve centers and they were chosen in accordance with ayurvedic principles. If used regularly, it activates production of gametes and decreases semen viscosity. Another feature of SPEMAN is that it helps decrease sexual arousal without reducing potency. It is extremely important for those suffering from premature ejaculation because it may improve intercourse timing.


  • Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia; 
  • Treatment of chronic and acute prostatitis; 
  • Treatment of low sperm motility; 
  • Decreasing sperm thickness; 
  • Treatment of oligospermia;

It might be also used for avoiding premature ejaculation, as well as an age-related dysfunction treatment as it works as an aphrodisiac. 


In the case of prostatic hyperplasia, initially take two tablets 2 times a day reducing the dose at a later stage. If oligospermia is detected, two tablets should be taken 3 times a day. Duration of the course is 5-6 months. If sexual impotence is age-related, one tablet should be taken three times a day. Duration of the course is 3 months. No side effects were noted during the probationary period and long-term research results reveal that SPEMAN benefits the prostate and seminal vesicle. Symptoms of chronic prostatitis decrease while using the medicine, function of both gonads and spermogenesis improve with the quality of sexual life improving. Studies show that sperm density increases three times after using this medication for three months, testosterone levels upgrade by 37% and morphology of sperm increases 5%. After three months of using this medication, 15% of participants’ partners successfully conceived


Alcohol has a negative influence on the effect of this medication. It is recommended that alcohol is not consumed while using SPEMAN. 


You should take precautions if you have experienced myocardial infarction, suffered from a severe form of cardiosclerosis, have increased risk of thromboembolism or experience symptoms of hypervitaminosis. Nausea or other side effects may occur while using SPEMAN together with vitamin E.