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Vegan, organic, 100proc. natural oil.

Rose scent enhances romantic feelings and lust (libido) and stimulates the sexual functions. Rose is considered more as a female aphrodisiac, that liberates sexuality and sensuality.  Gentle and feminine Rose waft gives women confidence and creates positive emotions and thoughts. Also, it reduces the pain related with menstruations, helps to reduce colon and muscle spasms. Rose is considered having wound, ulcers, and burns healing properties, helps to get rid of acne and surgical scars, suppresses the allergic symptoms, heals the blackheads, helps to treat herpes.

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The Rose healing properties have been known since ancient times and were quickly spread around the world. It is believed the Rose to be the first flower from which essential oil has been extracted. In the XVII century the Persians were the first to learn how to produce the Rose oil using the distillation method. The sources claim that at that time the value of Rose oil was higher than gold therefore it was appreciated in all over the world. In order to produce 1kg of Rose oil 4 to 5 tons of petals are required!

The solvent extraction method is used when the process of steam distillation would damage the delicate smell of flowers. In the manufacturing process after the solvent goes through the freshly collected blooms the mass becomes viscous and thick. The liquid that contains fats, ethereal oils, wax and other plant-based materials is called concrete. Later in the process the concrete is being purified and all the solvents are left to evaporate. In the highest quality of absolutes there are not any traces of solvent, so that is considered the purest graveolent absolute, which has the highest therapeutic properties, therefore shall be used in extremely slight amounts.Storing it at room temperature Rose Absolute can become viscous, however it becomes liquid when touching with hands.


Blue lotus absolute

Face: It does perfectly fit for all skin types, especially for mature, dry, tired and dull skin.

Blue lotus absolute

Body: strengthens gums, hair roots, tones up and tightens the skin, prevents premature aging, opens the capillaries up, helps eliminate striae (stretch marks). It is one of the best oils that helps to maintain a glowing, vibrant and youthful skin.

Blue lotus absolute

Emotional: Considered as a mild, but very effective antidepressant. Especially helps when emotional disorders are relevant with female sexuality and it helps with overcoming of postpartum depression. Helps to control emotional state during climacteric and premenstrual syndromes as well being used for those having insomnia. As the energy of the Rose oil is extremely high the droplet of this magic aroma instantly raises one up, increases the self-confidence, improves the mood, memory and balances emotions. Helps for anxiety relief and management, especially after physical and emotional overwhelming, stress or nervous tension, soothes and calms the nervous system, helps with depression, anguish and anxiety.

Blue lotus absolute

Erotic: Rose scent enhances romantic feelings and lust (libido) and stimulates the sexual functions. Rose is considered more as a female aphrodisiac that liberates sexuality and sensuality. Especially recommended for women who are insufficiently confident in their charm and sexual maturity as well as in cases of anorexia. Gentle and feminine Rose waft gives women confidence and creates positive emotions and thoughts. Rose oil helps with sexual arousal disorder for both women and men. For men it is recommended for erectile dysfunction.

The absolute of roses

Reproductive system: Rose oil stimulates the secretion of hormones that causes menstruation therefore it is being used by women having the irregular menstrual cycle as well as by those who have severe bleeding occurring between periods. It facilitates spasms, helps in treatment of nausea, and to deal with mood swings and fatigue, reduces the pain related with menstruations and menopause. Rose oil is widely used

for women having increased risk of miscarriage. Rose oil also helps to conceive for those when it is difficult to predict the day of ovulation. Used as a cure for all kind of female sexual dysfunctions, such as frigidity, loss of sexual power and endocrine sexual dysfunction. The popular aromatherapy literature claims the rose oil is recommended as a hormone-balancing substance, especially for the elderly.

Blue lotus absolute

Antispasmodic: It facilitates breathing, helps to reduce colon and muscle spasms. It also helps to ease convulsions, muscle contraction, arthritis, rheumatism, varicose vein enlargement and pain.

The absolute of roses

Antivirus: Protects against viral infections and inflammation.

The absolute of roses

Antiseptic: Protects body and oral cavity wounds from various infections, cleanses blood, helps eliminate and neutralize toxins. No boils, rashes, ulcers and other skin diseases occur after the blood is purified.

The absolute of roses

For the Liver: improves liver function, strengthens and protects it against infections. Rose oil is recommended for solving gall bladder problems and biliary tract disorders.

The absolute of rosesFor the Heart: In the fifties clinical trials revealed the rose oil harmonizes the heart rate (helps with arrhythmia). It facilitates the condition in the presence of cardiac neuroses and tachycardia, it also has astringent tonic properties that work perfectly throughout the bloodstream.

The absolute of roses

For children: in French medical aromatherapy rose oil was recommended for children having fears and nightmares or overexcitability as well as for autistic patients.

The absolute of roses

For the brain: Positively affects the nervous system. In 2009 Japanese scientists investigated that CO² extracts from roses can be effectively used to fight with dementia as it reduces the neuronal atrophy and degradation.

Rose alchemy: Rose absolute oil is compatible with geraniums, jasmine, cloves, sage, chamomile, ylang-ylang, vanilla, citrus, bergamot, vetiver oils.

The absolute of roses

Scars and Skin Disorders: Rose is considered having wound, ulcers and burns healing properties, helps to get rid of acne and surgical scars, suppresses the allergic symptoms, clogs the blackheads. Helps to treat herpes, eczema and psoriasis.


For external use only. When using pure rose absolute one needs to be attentive as it is highly concentrated and strongly affects not only the physical but also the mental body, so it is best to mix this absolute with high-quality carrier oils, because one does not need to apply much of this precious royal substance, few drops are enough when using it as a perfume. This absolute is widely used in perfumery, especially in women’s perfume making.

Cosmetic production: Rose oil can be mixed with essential oils of limestone, neroli, and sandalwood and used to enrich cosmetic products used for problematic skin. When making the cosmetics 1-2 drops of rose absolute or a mixture with carrier oils shall be mixed with 10-15ml of cream, toner, lotion, cleanser, etc.

Massages: 2-3 drops of rose absolute or a mixture with carrier oils mix with 1 tbsp. of the plant oil (jojoba, almonds, peaches, corn, wheat gherkins, etc.) or your chosen cream.

Baths: 4-5 drops of rose absolute or mixture with carrier oils mix with 1 tbsp. of emulsifier (honey, sea or edible salt) and add water to a water bath of 37-38 ° C. Duration of the procedure is 10-20 min.

Home aromatherapy: 2-4 drops of rose absolute or a mixture with carrier oils add to aroma lamp. The duration of the procedure is 15-30 minutes. For Childrens’ room 1 drop of absolute oil is enough.


To keep firmly closed in the dark amber glass bottle in a cool and dark place out of reach of children.


Due to the significant amounts of citronellol, linalool, germanium and eugenol the rose absolute oil is classified as allergic. Therefore, a skin and respiratory test is required before using.

Respiratory test: when inhaling the pure absolute oil or the mixture if the smell is pleasant and you are not feeling any discomfort, ie it does not cause the breathing spasms or short wind, you can use the absolute.

Skin test: 1 drop of rose absolute or the mixture dissolve in 0.5-1 teaspoon of carrier oil and rub a small amount on the elbow’s inner side or the wrist’s skin. If within 15-40 minutes of symptoms of skin irritation appeared the absolute can be used.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Rose absolute is not recommended for:

– children under the age of 7

– for kidney disease patients

-for chemotherapy patients

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctor before using this absolute.

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Part of the plants used: Rose flower

Manufactured method: solvent extraction

Country of origin: India

100% pure, ecological absolute

5 reviews for Rose Absolute

  1. Melanie

    The best gift for mom, girlfriend or just women – to be with ourselves, remember how wonderful we are and have a great time with rose absolute!

  2. Lauren

    The true fragrance of femininity, I like it very much, I recommend it to women

  3. Dylan

    I bought it for my wife. It’s not only she was amazed by the smell itself but also the very strong concentration of the oil that needs to be used in extremely low amounts.

  4. Anna

    I fell in love with this fragrance from the very first moment, the diffuser with this fragrance is always on in the room, the scent is getting better every day… Thank you.

  5. Alice

    True Concentration Oil! I need very little to smell it, and nowadays we have a lot of diluted oils, thank you, I will buy again when it’s finished!

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