Clean and fresh air: what you need to know


Why is clean air so important?

Most of the houses are sealed and designed so the inside air is not affected by the outsideides temperature, and often a proper ventilation system is lacking. If there is no proper ventilation and fresh air – we inhale the particles that are harmful to our health. 

Pollutants that are found outdoors can also enter your home and connect with other structures like smoke from household heating equipment, various chemical cleaners, mold, and dust mites. Heaters, stoves, fireplaces, and water heaters also emit certain harmful gases. The air in the house is extremely polluted by pets and dust mites. Such an environment could be a reason for cough, sore throat or chest pain, itchy eyes, and tears, or even asthma attacks. Because of constant being in poor quality air, we can frequently experience headaches, colds, bronchitis, and chronic asthma.

The air we breathe affects our health significantly. As bad weather affects our well-being every day negatively, the good quality air alone is enough to make us more vibrant and help us to regain well-being.

There is a balance of negative and positive ions in fresh air shall be maintained. Due to the reasons mentioned above, the lack of negative ions inside the house affects our well-being, causes dizziness, headaches, stress, and so on. 

A solution to the problem – a diffuser .

The main functions of the diffuser are air humidification and purification. Increased humidity facilitates breathing for people with respiratory problems. Also, it helps for those having cracked lips and other issues caused by the harsh climate. Once the air is cleansed of viruses and bacterias the immune system is protected

The diffuser can also be used:

  • On the table to help concentrate while working
  • In the living room to lift up the fashion depending on the chosen scent (rose, jasmine, blue lotus)
  • In the bedroom to improve sleep quality
  • In aromatherapy – after adding oil, can be used during meditation to reduce stress
  • As a decoration – the 7 colors LED light creates a soothing ambiance in the room while contemporary and simplistic wood grain texture matches your room decor.

Clean indoor air is one of the most important goals in helping us to improve our quality of life.


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