Benefits of jasmine oil


The aroma of jasmine oil radiates miraculously, at first it seems to bring back the experience of oneself’s stages of maturity. It embraces you with the cozy sense of childhood and unconditional love. Furthermore one is gently thrilled by the sublime aroma of jasmine, that gives the wings of youthful vigor, confidence, and passion. Ultimately, it envelops calmness and coziness. 

Luxury production of jasmine oil

To extract as much oil as possible, jasmine petals are hand-picked at night or in the early morning before the sunrise. In order to produce 1 kg of jasmine concrete more than 1 ton of jasmine flowers needs to be collected. It is therefore no wonder that jasmine absolute is one of the most expensive oils in the world. 

History of jasmine oil

Since a long time ago the Royal Jasmine (Jasminum Grandiflorum) originated from South India has been known as “love oil” and one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. However, jasmine petals do not give off their fragrance as easily as most of the other flowers as their rings are too fragile to endure the steam distillation, therefore the jasmine absolute is being extracted using solvent extraction method. 

What makes jasmine oil so special?

Compared to other fragrant blossoms, the scent of jasmine has been described in the literature as the most picturesque. It evokes memories of summer evenings with a gentle breeze, lifts the mood, relaxes the body, and removes emotional anxiety.

For quite a while, the fragrance of jasmine is one of the essential elements in perfumery and often it is considered the main axis in the structure of perfume. Ultimately it is hard to find a perfume that jasmine scent would not enhance by its presence. 

The results of the studies show that jasmine oil lifts the mood, helps to relax, calms, maintains the brain function and emotional health, effectively reduces nervous tension, anxiety, stress and manages the fear. The anti-depressive effect of jasmine absolute helps to overcome apathy, suits for the people enduring the rapid pace of life. Also it is useful for the treatment of postpartum depression and chronic insomnia of neurological origin. 

During the aromatherapy meditation, the fragrance fulfills with a sense of peace, restores the aura, enhances self-confidence and awakens vital and creative energies.

Jasmine absolute has an anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory effect.

Perfect for healing massages: mix 1-2 drops of jasmine absolute with a spoonful of carrier oil. The massage will relax muscle spasms, relieve neuralgia and joint pain. 

The absolute can also be used in sauna procedures for positive effects on the respiratory system. In this case, apply a few drops of it on a moistened disc and place it in the sauna on the top shelf. Being exposed to the heat the absolute evaporates and fills the sauna with a fragrance that affects positively the body when inhaled through airways. 

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