When weeks fly by as fast as days and a single day can offer a sweaty yet rustic smile of a passer-by emerging from the dusty traffic-jams of a megapolis and waking up the butterflies in your stomach – this is but a taste of the day-to-day life in India. As a land of great contrast, it leaves no man unmoved. No wonder that it may take a second to ruin your half-day plans, but no worries – the advice of the smiling locals would be to react Shanti to all the malentendu. You unwillingly get enchanted by the at times funny yet innocent positiveness that solidly unifies them – the people that speak dozens of different languages, worship hundreds of different gods, and eat an unfathomable variety of foods. For a couple of years my path of life had led me to the land where gold and luxury almost insensibly penetrated into extravagantly (to put it mildly) savoured slums, to the place where up-to-date technological innovations intertwined with spirituality in a most bizarre way.

The question that I had been asked for thousands of times: What are you doing there for so long, would at times haunt me too. I would pause for a minute to think and then stun (depending on the mood) my interlocutor and myself with unexpected laconic phrases for the response. It was more than clear that not everyone had time and patience to hear out my thoroughly sincere answer. The answer that would leave one with another bunch of unanswered questions…

I would move with the current of life. Mesmerised by the hospitality, frankness, and straightforward humanity of the locals, I would migrate from one place to another observing people, free from time tracking (had all the time in the world) and money counting (had nothing to count). As I was gradually getting a grip on the Hindi language, I started chatting with almost every person I met. I was delighted to see how trivial things would make them happy and no slings and arrows would cause them to lose their momentum, which would seem no less than a miracle to those living in our latitude. It did not take me long to realise where the balance of mind and humbleness in the chaos of their life came from. It became obvious that meditation was not at all the privilege of those living in a secluded monastery on a high mountain, meditation was an everyday practice of the majority of the population. It is a way to learn to love yourself and others as well as consciously embrace the reality.

I tried the often mysterious and hardly perceivable to westerners meditation before my first trip to India, however, it was not until I got there that I managed to reach the so-called enlightenment. I myself would find the enlightenment funny should I have not experienced it to tears on planes and trains, on buses and in rickshaws, using Uber or riding a motorbike. I would meditate on the highest peaks of the Himalaya and in lush green valleys, in scorching deserts and at lakesides, in tropical forests and on seaside rocks, in cabins on white sand beaches and in house-boats slowly rotting in the damp. Torrential rains that in no time melt a sugar cube left behind on a kitchen table, the scorching sun, Himalayan blizzards, sandstorms, and mind-blowing wind were my truest allies…

Running around busy streets I could observe the life of the locals in close-up: fish on the stalls grasping for air in midday heat, hanging half gutted carcass meat swarming with flies, street food cooking rituals, and torrents of free-flowing waste. It may be hard to believe but all the nasty whiffs were easily overpowered by the most intense incense burning on each and every street corner, most intoxicating essences, and hottest spices. Though I was sceptical at first, curiosity got the best of me, so I resolved to try the miraculous oils and found myself in thrall of the variety of effects they had to offer. But of all their qualities the aromatherapy infused meditation seemed to be the most appealing to me.

As time put every little thing in its place, unexpected, yet arguably predestined social contacts led me to the opportunity to share the happiness that I had discovered with the world. What I cannot put across in words, I try to convey through feelings, telepathic energy, and scent. Back in Europe, I eagerly share my knowledge and experience by teaching meditation.

Aromatherapy infused HERE and NOW meditation is the practice that helps us best understand and heal ourselves, establish connections between our body and soul, purposefully work towards balance, thus opening the source of unconditional love. Exotic, hard to find and get yet universally beneficial products, which are diligently handmade, help us connect with our core and reach out for inner harmony in this life of frantic pace.

We make no attempts to save the world, we only strive to leave an impalpable trace – a maximally conscious one. Our mission is to empower the farmers by getting a fair price for their products. This helps them to continue working in their ancestral farms and use their traditional ways of farming for the most beneficial wellness products.

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